About Me

With twenty five years experience of preparing print ready artwork and web content, I am perfectly placed to provide all the graphics you need for your site or publication.

Being familiar with the technical requirements of printers and web designers, I can tailor a product to work well in both media. I have found that vector artwork can work best – it is scalable for print and clean and colourful for the web. Having said that, I also work with bitmaps too – especially Procreate on the iPad and Clip Studio Paint on the PC.

Throughout my career I have been committed to collaborative working, making sure that you – the client – are always kept involved in the project from planning to the finished product.

I recently fulfilled a personal ambition of mine to write and draw a complete comic! You can read some pages here.

To see what kind of illustrations I can offer, take a look at my Gallery.

For a quote, or to find out more about what I can do for you, just email me at pete@ripples.org.uk, phone me on 07920 828387 or fill out my contact form.


Registered office: 7 Well Street Number 4, Gerlan, Bethesda, Gwynedd LL573TR